Behind the "Ocean Musings" series

I am helplessly nostalgic for the ocean. Spending summers vacationing for weeks at a time in Spanish beach towns not far from where I grew up. Memories of learning to swim while diving headfirst into waves. Scorching hot summer days. Bright white beach houses with terracotta roofs. All of these bits of memories flood my senses when I think of my childhood.

I then spent a year studying Art in Hawai’i. Renewed love for the ocean and the awe inspiring beauty of the islands. The salty air and incredible energy of the island sunk deep. Living on the Big Island during this time in my life was a dream, it felt healing, it filled me up and deepened my love for the sea. My daydreams still live their, floating somewhere in that turquoise water where I lost my heart to the ocean.

“Ocean Musings” are all pieces tied in with these memories and the feeling of time spent by the sea.

Behind the "Awakening" Series

I was expecting my third baby and nervous about the future. I wondered when I would ever have time to paint again while taking care of three little kids! I had a few markets left before planned time off to adjust to the new baby and I felt an incredible urge to paint. I began dragging my inks across canvas and loved the textural abstract landscapes that started to form. I dripped the paint into spots and mixed lots of gold details in. I finished a few pieces but wasn’t satisfied - I wanted to keep painting and on I went. I painted with urgency like I would never be allowed to paint again, it was intuitive, furious even and totally immersive. I painted into the night, night after night leading up to the markets.

This was the making of the “Awakening” paintings. Expressive bold colours, gold details and having taken on a mind of their own.

Live Painting and vulnerability


I love the experience of painting live. It’s a mix of being in the moment while also engaging in conversations with people that hang out or are interested in seeing the creative process unfold. Today I had an added element in the mix, it was the first day I had my little 4 month old at a live market event with me and I was wearing her while live painting!

Participating in a market or live event typically brings a sense of vulnerability - putting myself and my creations out there, while also engaging in conversation about art and the creative process (my fave!). Today having my babe with me I felt this vulnerability multiply - not only was I putting myself and my creative process out there but I was also putting my parenting out there - the whole complex mix of mom/creative entrepreneur for anyone to observe: interactions with my baby interwoven with some painting, while also having conversations about art (yay, I will talk arty to you all day;) with the odd nursing session thrown in just to keep things interesting. It felt like a lot!

I’m happy to report we both survived this new territory, important conversations and connections were had, babe was happy and some art was made! Now to take on day two.... here’s to hoping its even better than the first! (and to getting a good photo of babe + me in action!)

Meet the Makers Event

It was an amazing experience to be included in the Meet The Makers event at the Calgary Farmers Market in April. With the arrival of a long awaited Spring I had a creative energy that poured out into a whole new bright and happy body of work that I was happy to share at the Market. One of my favorite aspect of doing live events is getting to meet and chat with so many people that are interested in the process of creating and also love art - it gets me out of my little creative bubble where I am often working away on my own. Thank you to everyone who stopped to chat and visit and to new collectors for making my day!

Live painting at the Calgary Farmers Market

On Thursday and Friday this last week I was the feature artist at the Calgary Farmers Market. This included two full days of live painting and demos mixed in with getting to chat with many new faces and lovely friends and family who stopped in to visit. I loved being able to share my love of art and the creative process with so many other artists, art lovers and people who were generally curious about what exactly these round shiny boards are meant for!

One of the many highlights for me was during my final live painting demo when suddenly there was a large crowd of people surrounding me that were so fascinated by the process (major butterflies!!). It was so much fun to chat about the technique while creating the painting and see the wonder and excitement shared by those watching!

Another interesting thing that happened during the market were several people who asked if I teach private lessons or host workshops. The idea has always appealed to me because I naturally love to share what I have learned through fluid painting and I also love seeing others be in the moment during a “making” experience. My takeaway is that hosting a workshop is definitely feeling like the next idea/goal for the new year!

Special thanks to the wonderful ladies at the Market who have created this space to celebrate and showcase all types of the arts! What a great opportunity and platform to share in our creative journeys!