Live painting at the Calgary Farmers Market

On Thursday and Friday this last week I was the feature artist at the Calgary Farmers Market. This included two full days of live painting and demos mixed in with getting to chat with many new faces and lovely friends and family who stopped in to visit. I loved being able to share my love of art and the creative process with so many other artists, art lovers and people who were generally curious about what exactly these round shiny boards are meant for!

One of the many highlights for me was during my final live painting demo when suddenly there was a large crowd of people surrounding me that were so fascinated by the process (major butterflies!!). It was so much fun to chat about the technique while creating the painting and see the wonder and excitement shared by those watching!

Another interesting thing that happened during the market were several people who asked if I teach private lessons or host workshops. The idea has always appealed to me because I naturally love to share what I have learned through fluid painting and I also love seeing others be in the moment during a “making” experience. My takeaway is that hosting a workshop is definitely feeling like the next idea/goal for the new year!

Special thanks to the wonderful ladies at the Market who have created this space to celebrate and showcase all types of the arts! What a great opportunity and platform to share in our creative journeys!