Live Painting and vulnerability


I love the experience of painting live. It’s a mix of being in the moment while also engaging in conversations with people that hang out or are interested in seeing the creative process unfold. Today I had an added element in the mix, it was the first day I had my little 4 month old at a live market event with me and I was wearing her while live painting!

Participating in a market or live event typically brings a sense of vulnerability - putting myself and my creations out there, while also engaging in conversation about art and the creative process (my fave!). Today having my babe with me I felt this vulnerability multiply - not only was I putting myself and my creative process out there but I was also putting my parenting out there - the whole complex mix of mom/creative entrepreneur for anyone to observe: interactions with my baby interwoven with some painting, while also having conversations about art (yay, I will talk arty to you all day;) with the odd nursing session thrown in just to keep things interesting. It felt like a lot!

I’m happy to report we both survived this new territory, important conversations and connections were had, babe was happy and some art was made! Now to take on day two.... here’s to hoping its even better than the first! (and to getting a good photo of babe + me in action!)