Behind the "Ocean Musings" series

I am helplessly nostalgic for the ocean. Spending summers vacationing for weeks at a time in Spanish beach towns not far from where I grew up. Memories of learning to swim while diving headfirst into waves. Scorching hot summer days. Bright white beach houses with terracotta roofs. All of these bits of memories flood my senses when I think of my childhood.

I then spent a year studying Art in Hawai’i. Renewed love for the ocean and the awe inspiring beauty of the islands. The salty air and incredible energy of the island sunk deep. Living on the Big Island during this time in my life was a dream, it felt healing, it filled me up and deepened my love for the sea. My daydreams still live their, floating somewhere in that turquoise water where I lost my heart to the ocean.

“Ocean Musings” are all pieces tied in with these memories and the feeling of time spent by the sea.